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Tampa Marriage License Info

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Florida is home to many wonderful couples who enjoy the warm weather and sandy beaches where any day can seem like a vacation. It’s even a great place to get married with so many wonderful locations both indoors and outdoors. If you have been planning your marriage and are working on the preparations, be sure not to forget one of the most important parts: the marriage license. A Tampa, FL marriage license isn’t hard to get at all, so take a few minutes out of one of your days to ensure that your wedding day will be perfect and your marriage solemnized.

To prepare for getting your Tampa, FL marriage license you will need to have the right documentation. Some form of photo identification is needed although it does not have to be from Florida State. You will both need to have social security cards with you as well. If you are not a U.S. citizen then you can use a green card in place of the social security card. Previous marriages must have certification of being legally ended before a new marriage license application can be filled out.

When you have all of your documents ready you will need to go to your local county clerk’s office to get the application for the Tampa, FL marriage license. The price of the application is $93.50 for anyone who wishes to apply. Florida residents can have this fee reduced by $30 is they complete a premarital course by an approved course provider. This course will also allow Florida residents to have the 3 day waiting period between receiving the license and getting married waived. Non-residents will not need to undergo this waiting period. There is no waiting period for actually getting the license after the application is completed.

You will only have 60 days to validate the marriage after receiving your Tampa, FL marriage license. Validation can be done by anyone who is legally authorized to perform your ceremony. The list includes ordained clergy members, judges, clerks, and public notaries. Quakers can also perform marriages according to their own ceremonies. Whoever performs your ceremony will need to sign a certificate saying you have been officially wed and mail it back in to the county clerk’s office. Once they receive it you will get your marriage certificate in the mail. You can also order extra copies of your certificate for a fee.

One of the limitations of getting a Tampa, FL marriage license is that you have to be married in Florida. It might seem restricting but the truth is there are a lot of lovely locations to hold a wedding, including on a ship. As long as the captain is legally allowed to perform the ceremony then you can be married out at sea as long as you are no further than three miles from the coastline. Imagine the wedding you have always dreamed of taking place on the sea, and it’s mostly thanks to the open opportunities that come with a marriage license.
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